Five simple street style hacks that you can draw inspiration from today.

If you were thinking the only place to seek fashion inspiration was on the catwalk, then pause right here.

Some of the best fashion ideas we have seen, and even the ones that end up on the runway, come from the street. From your average Clare, Michelle or Laura who buy coffee at the same place you do, every morning.

From our heart to yours, these are the street styles you should be trying this season.

1. You can try these two new-season trends at once

And they’re surprisingly easy.

Empire waistlines are back, as seen at Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana and Giambattista Valli. What exactly is an empire waistline, you say? It’s when your dress is fitted until right below the bust, in a Jane Austen-y kind of way. Correct, technically not a waistline at all. They work hard though, emphasising the narrowest bit of your body, accentuating your boobs, and making you look taller. Win.

Stylist, Sarah Elizabeth Turner on how to turn your wardrobe around. (Post continues after audio.)

And the old-timey style’s been updated, courtesy of the pleats that appeared at Dior and Iris van Herpen. (Word to the wise: pretty much everything looks good pleated—skirts, pants, tops, even headbands.)

2. The best way to wear your jacket is draped over your shoulders

This is a classic trick, but everyone’s doing it again and it’s got us inspired.

The shoulder-drape is perfect for when you want to wear your fave coat, but it’s a) just not cold enough, or b) you’re wearing an outfit that just literally won’t fit a jacket over it. It’s also a great shortcut to looking like a relaxed preppy extra from The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Whether it’s a classic Chanel tweed… or an all-out bohemian blazer. It’s not too late to get your cost-per-wears up on that April impulse buy.


3. Florals can be tough

Tone down the pretty with a denim jacket and some biker boots.

If it’s too hot for either of those, go for some leather pool slides and a longer sleeveless vest. The main point is to contrast the textures and patterns, to give your flowers a more interesting edge.

4. You don’t need heels to look astonishingly glam

It’s all about putting a little extra care into the rest of your ensemble. Long lines and interesting features make you look taller anyway, with the added benefit of not preventing you from walking long distances. Pick a look-at-me pattern, showcase it next to simple slides, and then just add statement earrings.

Scroll through to see all of the best fashion hacks. (Post continues after gallery.)

5. And if you’re really stuck for something to wear, nothing beats a classic white men’s shirt

If you’re someone that prefers to warm up slowly to a new trend, or just ignore it completely, this uniform gives you fail-safe fashion cred. Pair with simple black pants, a notepad, and a walk that means business. And if you do want to update it a bit, add a choker, à la British Vogue’s Fashion Features Director, Sarah Harris.

You have full permission to try these at home.

This post was originally published on our sister site, Spring Street.