The reality of being a woman, walking down the street.

“DAMN?”, “Nice!”, “Hey baby!” , “You don’t wanna talk?”

Seriously. How can any woman resist such erudite come-ons?

Certainly watching this woman spend 10 hours walking the streets of New York City made us all want to take a shower.

Inspired by his girlfriend, who told him about what was happening to her every day, video  director  Rob Bliss collaborated with Hollaback!, a not-for-profit global movement, to film her walking. Just walking.

Using a camera strapped to his backpack, Bliss strode ahead of Shoshana Roberts for 10 hours, capturing the continuous verbal harassment by men directed towards her. At one point in the video a man walks alongside Shoshana in silence for over five (whole) minutes, despite her obvious discomfort.

Have a look:

Shoshana’s overall experience walking alone through the streets of NYC in jeans and a T-shirt can be summed up as: exhausting, demeaning, and scary.