Ashley Graham's simple strapless bra hack for women with big breasts is life-changing.

Finding the right bra to wear a strapless top with confidence is tricky for just about every woman, but especially those with bigger breasts.

So when Ashley Graham says she’s got a tip for ensuring your strapless bra stays in place, you can bet we’re paying attention.

The US model‘s hack is genius in its simplicity: Go down a band size.

Listen: Ever heard of boob thrush? It’s the very good reason why you should wash your bra more often.

“Tip for wearing a strapless bra- go down a size only in the band,” the 29-year-old shared in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

“Keeps the girls lifted without suffocating them.”

It should be added that when you go down in band size the cup will normally be smaller as well, so make sure you’re still comfortable. But it makes sense that to keep your boobs in place with no support from straps, you’ll need a little bit tighter fit.

Want another genius bra hack? Wash your bra with a salad spinner.

It’s also important that you try the bra on, as plus-size bra specialist and Miss Scarlett Did It founder Regina Pascuzzzi told Mamamia.


“Too often women buy the same ‘size’ or type of bra without trying it on. Don’t. Try a bra on and don’t just stand in front of the mirror; sit down in it, jump up and down, move your arms, lift them above your head, lean forward,” advised Pascuzzi.

“Is the bra rubbing, digging into your rib cage, lifting up? Don’t settle and don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Pascuzzi also recommended investing in one good quality, well-fitting bra in the style you need “instead of a dozen bras that aren’t right”.

“Building a good bra wardrobe helps to make sure you aren’t wasting money.”

Are you too worried about bras slipping down to wear strapless tops?