Strangers fulfil teen cancer victim's bucket list

There are so many stories of bullying and hate on Facebook, but it can be a source of something beautiful too.

The day after 13-year-old Talia Joy Castellano died following a seven-year battle with cancer, her parents decided to posted a picture on Facebook of a list she made called, “Things I Wanna Do Before I Die.” 

There were 74 things on the list, many of which she didn't get a chance to fulfil before passing away on July 16. So her followers have decided to cross them off in her honour.

People have been posting photos on Facebook and Twitter under the hashtag, “#taliasbucketlist.” Some of the activities have included covering a car in Post-it notes, dancing in the rain, giving flowers to a stranger and parasailing.

“Talia is everywhere you look and we couldn’t be more pleased,” her family wrote on Facebook. “And we especially know she is loving all the attention. Thank you for keeping her spirit alive and showing her family that her message and voice will continue to make an impact across the globe.”

Talia's life may have been short but she made the most of every moment. She became a YouTube sensation when she began posting make-up tutorials after she lost her hair as a result of the chemotherapy and started experimenting with applying make-up to “boost her self-confidence.” 


When Ellen DeGeneres heard about Talia,  she helped her become an honorary CoverGirl. “I’m a CoverGirl,” she told the teen when she appeared on her show in September last year. “And CoverGirl heard your story and they want to make you an honorary CoverGirl. And they also want to give you something.”

“Oh my God,” Talia cried when she spotted a giant CoverGirl-style portrait of herself, complete with CoverGirl written across the top.

Ellen has since paid tribute to Talia, tweeting: "This year I met a very special girl, and today we lost her. Sending my heart to Talia's family. I'm so sad." And Three days ago, she dedicated her show to Talia and Instagrammed a quote from the inspirational teen: "What do you want me to do? Be depressed? A little fishy told me to 'Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!'"

Here are just a few of the bucketlist images Facebookers have posted in Talia's honour:

Rest in peace, Talia.