Woman crowdsources strangers to breastfeed her baby.

A sick mother has turned to Facebook to find strangers willing to breastfeeds her baby son after she fell ill and was unable to do so herself.

Ronja Wiedenbeck, 25, was admitted to hospital last week and placed on medication that rendered her unable to breastfeed her 11-month-old Rio.

Desperate to find a wet nurse for her son who refuses to drink from a bottle, Wiedenbeck turned to Facebook group Breastfeeding Yummy Mummies.

In a plea to readers, Wiedenbeck explained her situation and the hope somebody could assist her.

It took only an hour for the first member to join her at the hospital to feed her baby son.

Leigh Anne Fearn (pictured) was the first woman to breastfeed baby Rio. Source: Facebook.

But the offers didn't stop there.

The mother-of-two was reduced to tears after receiving nearly 1000 offers from women across England, .

A photo of baby Rio posted to Wiedenbeck's Instagram. Source: Instagram.

In total five different women traveled to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro in order to feed baby Rio.

Wiedenbeck spoke to the Telegraph about what compelled her to reach out.

"I was pumped full of morphine and it seemed instinctive for someone to feed him in a way that he has been used to and he's comfortable with.

"When he was about to be fed by the first lady he looked over at me, almost to ask for approval, it filled my heart with such joy and massive relief.

"I'm so grateful and totally overwhelmed with the response to the message. It is such a loving and selfless act and incredibly heart warming to see." She said.

One of the members who came to feed Rio. Source: Instagram.

Wiedenbeck was admitted to hospital in severe pain related to ovarian cysts.

A crowdfunding page has been set up to offset the travel costs of those who came to breastfeed Rio during Wiedenbeck's stay.

Wiedenbeck is appealing to her followers to donate to the page as a way to give financial thanks to those who came.

"A lovely lady has set up this page to financially support the ladies who have selflessly helped me feed my son over the few days I've been in hospital. It'd be nice for their travel expenses to at least be reimbursed." Wiedenbeck said.

"If anyone could donate even just £1 for these wonderful ladies, we'd all be ever so grateful."

Recent images of Wiedenbeck posted to her Instagram show her happily feeding Rio once again.