This Stranger Things fan theory is blowing people's minds.

Stranger Things is the type of show that doesn’t end with the last episode.

Oh, no. The final episode is really just the beginning.

There are simply so many questions. What/who is the monster? What will be the impact of Will being in the upside down for one week? What is the upside down? Is Eleven dead? What is Hopper’s involvement with the government? Why didn’t anyone care when Barb went missing? Why don’t anyone’s parents ever know where they are?

Luckily, it’s 2016, and there are people who think about these things full time, and then share them with the rest of the Internet. They’re goddamn modern day heroes.

Recently, one theory in particular has captivated fans everywhere. Because it’s pure genius.

Before I share it, I just want to warn you that if you haven’t seen the series in it’s entirety STOP READING HERE. Why would you click on this, you sick, sick person?

GO. Finish the show and THEN we can talk.

LEAVE. Image via Netflix.

I'm giving you a moment to leave.






Thank you.

So, in four words I'm going to completely change the way you look at Stranger Things.

Eleven. Is. The. Monster.

HEAR ME OUT. A compelling Youtube video argues that because of the trauma Eleven endured at the Hawkins lab, where she was scared, alone and dehumanised, the monster could be a "physical manifestation of all the fear and terror she felt at Hawkins."

And the evidence for this theory is highly compelling. When Eleven first encounters the monster, it's not actually in the upside down world. Instead, it's in a dark and empty space that seems to be somewhere deep in her consciousness.

When Eleven first encounters the monster, she's in a dark and empty space. Image via Netflix.

That would mean that the monster she discovered was a manifestation of herself - rather than anything external.

According to the theory, the Demogorgon (which the boys encounter while playing Dungeons and Dragons) is a metaphor for the monster. They actually refer to the monster as the Demogorgon - but there's something unique about this creature. It's two-headed, with one side destructive like the monster, and the other side deceptive, like Eleven.

Of course, there's also a scene where Eleven breaks down in tears and literally says, "I'm the monster."

But perhaps the most convincing piece of evidence for this brilliant fan theory is the final fight between Eleven and the monster, where they both raise their hands at each other, as though they're reflections of one another.


When the monster disappears, so does Eleven. If they are one in the same, Eleven couldn't destroy the beast without destroying herself.

Eugh, it's just so clever. And it makes so much sense. Thank God for those kind, selfless heroes who spend their time deconstructing our favourite TV shows, so that one day, we might actually understand them.

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