10 food combinations that are so wrong, they're right.

Bacon and maple syrup. Strawberries and basil. Chili and chocolate.

These are all classic, if not unusual, food pairings favoured by some of the world’s top chefs. And whether they were strategic decisions, spooky dreams or happy accidents, we’re so glad they happened.

We know we’re not alone in our love for weird food pairings, either. Earlier today, The Bachelor winner Snezana Markoski Instagrammed her own, ah, ‘unconventional’ snack.

“Kraft singles and tomato sauce! For a Aussie wog girl I can be such a bogan! #cravings #favsnacks,” she captioned the photo (above).

Snez, you’re a weirdo woman after our own hearts. And just quietly, we may or may not be going home to try this out…

Alison from The Breakfast Club loved her sugar and cereal sandwich


The women of our office have kooky combinations of their own. Our picks might sound a little off-putting, if not repulsive at first — let's hear it for cottage cheese and gherkin relish — but believe us, they are definitely worth a try.

Who knows, which of these pairings could be the next prosciutto and rockmelon? Chocolate and cheese? Cheese and crackers?

1. Popcorn and Malteasers

Let's start off with an easy one - a simple movie mishap turned genius flavour combination. There's just something mouthwateringly delicious about that salty and sweet combination, which our tastebuds can't get enough of.

2. Apple and Cheese

These two are most definitely antipasto soulmates. In fact, we would argue that any cheese-y nibbles board is incomplete without the humble apple.

3. Peanut butter and almost anything

Peanut butter is quite the over achiever. You can swipe a tablespoon of that smooth-stuff on just about anything, and it's the perfect way to taste something salty without blowing your 'healthy eating' vibes.


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Our favourite peanut putter sidekicks include apples, cheese... and lemon spread. Apparently it's delicious.

4. Bacon and banana

…with tomato sauce. In a sandwich.

You're going to have to trust us on this one. Banana is a departure from your usual egg-and-bacon combination, but the crispiness of the bacon offsets the softness of the banana perfectly. Give it a go.

5. Vegemite and lettuce

People put Vegemite on cucumber, so why not put it on another green vegetable? Warning: This is probably not suitable for broccoli.

6. Cottage cheese and gherkin relish

OK, don't judge us, but this right here is a winner. You're looking for something subtle, so you pick up the cottage cheese, and then you want a FLAVOUR EXPLOSION, so you pick up the gherkin relish and voila! 1 + 1 = yum.

7. 2min noodles and tomato sauce

Tomato sauce goes on EVERYTHING. Don't test us on this.

8. Tomato sauce + bread + cheese

Please see aforementioned point about our favourite sauce. Put this little combo under the grill and voila — instant margherita pizza.

9. 2min noodles and sweet chilli sauce

An easy meal plan for when you get home and starvation kicks in.

10. Oats with butter and salt

Yes, instead of honey. It may not be a 'light' breakfast option, but it's certainly a tasty one. Have this one for a snack.

 What's your favourite weird flavour combination?