Donkey milk and other odd ingredients making their way into your beauty products.

Were you grossed out when you first learned some lipstick contains fish scales? That’s just the tip of the iceberg — and this year it seems we’ll be seeing more unusual beauty ingredients than ever before.

The Future Laboratory, a consultancy firm for trend forecasting, has recently revealed its 2015 list of beauty ingredients to keep your eyes on. The firm’s visual trends researcher, Victoria Buchanan, says, “Beauty is no longer about the shock of the new, but about the necessity of the new.”

Who would of thought salmon hatchery water would be a ‘necessity’?

While the strangest ingredients of 2015 to hit beauty counters may be all natural they are also, well, pretty disgusting.

1. Donkey milk

On the long list of beauty ingredients we are apparently to embrace, donkey milk is sitting right at the top. The supposed elixir was heralded by Cleopatra herself, who would bathe daily in the milk of some 700 lactating asses – if you will.

The product, which is said to calm sensitive skin and eczema, has already made its way into recognisable products such as Napoleon Perdis’ Auto Pilot Hydrating Milk Cleanser, which one of our writers tried (and enjoyed!) last year.

strange beauty ingredients
On the long list of beauty ingredients we are apparently to embrace, donkey milk is sitting right at the top. Image via iStock.

2. Salmon hatchery water

According to The Telegraph, this natural and, let’s face it, sort of vomit-inducing product, is a natural progression from caviar, which we have been using as part of our beauty regimes for years.

In case you’re curious, salmon hatchery water is the water in which said eggs are hatched. Mmm, delicious. The ‘miracle’ anti-ageing solution is being praised due to its immense exfoliating properties, thanks to an enzyme that’s is released during the hatching of the salmon. Can you imagine the smell?

3. Kigelia

Kigelia is another African super-fruit, like the Baobab. The sausage-shaped fruit (what a delightful mental image) was first used by the Tonga women of the Zambezi valley to tone and firm the skin. Now, the sub-Saharan fruit is being used to improve skin elasticity and skin density.


Don’t even ask us how to pronounce it.

Kigelia is another African super-fruit, like the Baobab.

4. Carbonic acid

Japanese beauty trends are often ahead of the curb, and it seems they’ve picked another winner. Carbonic acid is an ingredient, which is said to penetrate the skin, activate cells and increase blood flow, all the while lifting dirt from our pores. Think sparkling water, but incorporated into your skin and body routine.

5. Bakuchiol

Found in the seeds of the Indian babchi plant, bakuchiol is heralded for its regenerating retinol-like properties. Yes, this new go-to product can stimulate collagen production all the while improving skin’s elasticity and firmness. And you know what that means – the oil may also help to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.

It doesn’t stop there either. The product also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, making it an effective acne treatment.

“The product also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, making it an effective acne treatment.”

6. Fulvic acid

The origins of the (potentially stinky) substance are found in decomposed organic matter. Yes, decomposed.

Nonetheless, we are told that during this rather unpleasant process, millions of beneficial microbes are released which work as anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and antimicrobial properties.


So, would you give this ingredient list a try?


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