"Why I always take a photo of my stove before I travel."

Every morning I leave my apartment safe in the knowledge that if it burns down, it won’t be my fault.

I know that my hair straightener is unplugged and safe in it’s little heat-proof bag, that the knobs on my stove are all turned to ‘off’, and that my heater has definitely been switched off at the wall.

I know this because I have the photos to prove it.

After years of second-guessing whether I’ve left my hair straightener on, and panicking that I’ve accidentally bumped the stove with my hip and inadvertently turned on a burner – I’ve started taking photos of these things switched off just before I leave the house.

"You won't waste hours of your holiday, silently panicking and running through everything you did before you left the house." Image via iStock.

I take the photos, head to the train station, and don't give them a second thought.

I don't need to look at them during the day, I just feel secure knowing that they're available if a sudden wave of panic comes over me.

That's why I was so excited when I saw that Life Hacker had suggested taking a photo of your stove before you travel.

It just makes sense - when you're about to jet off and leave behind most of your belongings for a few weeks, your anxiety is likely to be heightened.

Life Hacker suggests taking a photo of your stove, your iron, your thermostat and anything else that you worry about leaving on, right before you head to the airport.

A few quick photos will eliminate that nagging fear we all have that our house is going to burn down in our absence and that it's going to be all our fault.

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You won't waste hours of your holiday silently panicking and running through everything you did before you left the house. You can just whip out your phone, have a quick look at the photos, and then get back to relaxing and have a bloody good time.

And honestly, you'll probably find that you'll never even look at the photos.

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