Sick of politicians in your newsfeed? We can vastly improve your internet in minutes.

Are you sick of reading the news, because you don’t like seeing all those serious faces of politicians? Or perhaps you’re not a fan of Prime Minister Tony Abbott? Or maybe you’d just prefer if there were more cute animal photos with your daily dose of news?

Then soon you’re going to be happier than a kitten scratching up some brand new furniture.

A new Chrome extension called Stop Tony Meow, once installed, will replace all photos of Tony Abbott you see on the internet with images of kittens. Like this:

Created by a group of enterprising individuals – Ben Taylor, Dan Nolan and Matt Kelsh – Stop Tony Meow is quite possibly the most genius thing we have ever seen. Allow us to present our evidence: A series of articles published on Mamamia — now, vastly improved for the politically uninterested or left-wing aligned reader.

All you need to do is head to Stop Tony Meow to install the extension for Chrome. A Safari version is apparently in the works.

Do you feel like you’ve been waiting all your life for Stop Tony Meow to replace pictures of Tony Abbott with kittens?