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The mum who donated her wedding dress to make burial gowns for stillborn babies.

Most wedding dresses end up in the back of a closet somewhere. If they are lucky, they get boxed up by those fancy wedding-dress-boxing-up services so they can be gazed upon lovingly by former brides. A few end up on eBay, going to the next bride and then the next.

Yvonne Trimble didn’t want to do any of these things. She knew she’d never wear the dress again and she wanted to use it to make a difference to other people’s lives. What she ended up doing was so incredibly touching it’s left the rest of us wanting to do exactly the same thing.

Trimble – a Scottish woman who now lives in Cyprus with her husband – decided to donate her wedding dress to an organisation that makes outfits for stillborn babies. The results are truly precious.

Via Yvonne Trimble Facebook.

In her original post Trimble wrote, "Deciding in May 2015 that I would never wear my wedding dress again, I sent it to a charity that turns donated dresses into little gowns for babies who are stillborn or who die shortly after birth."

The UK organisation is called Cherished Gowns and they make burial gowns for children who have been stillborn or passed away shortly after birth. Trimble has been overwhelmed with the response to her decision to donate her wedding dress.

There are similar organisations in Australia including Angel Gowns who have been taking donations from Australian brides. 

Via Yvonne Trimble Facebook.

Trimble says when she received the photos of the little gowns made from her wedding dress she felt emotional. "Yesterday they sent me pictures of what they had made with my dress and a mix of emotions swept over me when I received them; pride that I'd done something good, sadness that it's necessary for these gowns to have to be made, relief that I've never known this heartbreak, and a sense of thankfulness that volunteers around the country give up their time to produce such comforting garments," she wrote.

The original post on her Facebook page just over a week ago and that post has received over 100,000 likes. Among the messages she's been received have been countless stories from parents who have lost children.

One bereaved mum wrote, "From the bottom of my heart thank you for giving us mums some relief in the knowledge that our angel babies are forever wrapped in love."

The charity was able to make seven dresses from Trimble's beautiful gown and her generous and thoughtful act has inspired others to make the same decision. Cherished Gowns has since been offered 4,500 other gowns to use for stillborn babies.

The message Trimble wants to send to those parents is that by donating her wedding dress she has ensured that stillborn babies are "wrapped in love".

Trimble wrote on her Facebook page, "It's been very emotional as people have shared their tales of losing babies with me, but everyone has been so grateful for the attention this issue now has. There's not much I can say apart from thank you, thank you, thank you - none of this would have happened without you all sharing. Thank you for taking the time and for helping to make a dreadful period for bereaved families just a little better."

Would you donate your wedding dress?