Hollywood's most famous director never casts women in leads. Until now.

Is there nothing that Jennifer Lawrence can’t do?

Steven Spielberg has announced his first female lead in 30 years.

Jennifer Lawrence has been announced as the star of a biopic about war photographer Lynsey Addario.

Jennifer Lawrence will be the first leading lady in a Spielberg film since 1985.

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The film will be based on Addario’s biography It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War, which details her work in conflict zones including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Darfur.

Addario, 41, was famously kidnapped by the Gaddafi regime when the government was overthrown in Libya in 2011.

Lynsey Addario.

The last female lead in a Spielberg film was Whoopi Goldberg in The Colour Purple — in 1985.

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Lawrence, 24, was named the top-grossing actor in 2014, on the back of her Oscar nominated role in American Hustle and the Hunger Games blockbuster. However, she still didn’t earn as much as her male counterparts.

Here’s hoping Spielberg has his chequebook out.

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