Monday's news in under 2 minutes.

Stephen Hume is still on the run after allegedly abducting his child.


1. A father who is on the run from authorities after allegedly abducting his 8-month-old son last week, has told Channel Nine news he is “innocent”.

Twenty-four-year-old Steven Hume denies that he entered the home of his son’s 16-year-old mother with a knife. Hume told the television network that he would be handing himself into police but wanted to make contact with a lawyer first.

2. Television chef, Nigella Lawson is reportedly threatening to sue a PR practitioner named Richard Hillgrove, who has claimed that photos showing Lawson’s husband Charles Saatchi publicly assaulting her, were a stunt.

Despite these threats of legal action, Hillgrove has refused to take down a blog post in which he wrote: “The notion that a paparazzi photographer would be allowed to stick a camera lens through the window of Scotts of Mayfair for over 30 minutes and photograph a ‘domestic attack’ made in full light of day with passing waiters, management and customers is preposterous.”

3. Italy’s first black Government Minister had a banana thrown at her during a recent public rally. Immigration Minister Cecile Kyenge has faced a number of racist attacks in previous months, including being compared to an ‘orangutang’ by the Northern League party in the country.

4. A former executive at Tiffany’s jewellery store has pleaded guilty to stealing over $US2 million worth of jewellery from her employer. After stealing the jewellery, 46-year-old Ingrid Lederhaas-Okun reportedly resold most of it for profit. Surely she kept a few diamonds for herself though, right?

5. Despite some media outlets suggesting that the ‘honeymoon is over’ for Kevin Rudd, a Galaxy poll on the weekend shows that support for the Australian Labor Party is at its highest level since 2010. Commentators have speculated that this is largely because of the Government’s new asylum seeker policy.

6. In other political news, there is fresh speculation that the federal election will be held in September or October and not in August as many expected. Today is the last day Prime Minister Kevin Rudd could announce a August 31 election (and that’s looking unlikely because Rudd has yet to visit the Governor General). Political commentators are now talking about early or mid September for Australia to head to the polls.

7. The driver of the Spanish train that crashed last week and killed many passengers, has been charged with 79 counts of reckless homicide.  Francisco Jose Garzon Amo has been released on bail and has been banned from driving trains for the next 6 months. It’s been reported that the train Amo was controlling was going more than double the 80km/hr speed limit.

8. Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe says he probably won’t be competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics because of a shoulder injury. The 30-year-old told News Limited: “Although I am going to continue swimming, realistically I don’t think I will be able to get back to a position where I am at the top of the sport.”