'The Project' is under pressure to apologise to Steve Price for bullying him live on-air.

The Project is currently under intense pressure to publicly apologise to one of their panelists, Steve Price, following a heated discussion on last week’s show.

The petition on has fielded over 20,000 signatures since it was launched just four days ago, arguing Price was “insulted” on-air.

It comes after fellow guest panelist, Jamila Rizvi, has been accused of interrupting him while discussing the fall-out from the US election.

After being given the breakdown of the number of women who voted for Trump, Price said, “What that shows you is that the people in real America, in small-town America, weren’t buying the bulldust that was coming out – ”

Rizvi quickly jumped in to argue that a “real America” doesn’t exist.

Price and Rizvi on The Project.

"Sorry, can we cut through this bullsh*t about there being a 'real America'," she said.

Price tried to jump back in, feeling he was cut-off from speaking.

"This the reason why Donald Trump won because people like you lecture and hector people," he told Rizvi.

After the audience had moaned at the comments, co-host Carrie Bickmore told Price "we were talking to Jamila, and you don't need to keep that tone."

Initially, The Project didn't seem too concerned by the outcome, eagerly posting it on their Facebook page, but viewers are unimpressed.

Thomas Nicholls, the creator of the petition, wrote Australians are sick of the type of bullying people like Price face.

Scroll through to see the response - good and bad - about the exchange. (Post continues after gallery.)

"In every single Facebook post detailing the exchange, the people of Australia have expressed their outrage of the leftist bullying that occurred, coming out in support of the conservative commentator," he wrote.

"Nobody, no matter what side of politics they fall on, should have to experience the abuse and degradation of what Steve had to go through on that program."

Nicholls wants the co-hosts of the show to publicly apologise for their "unacceptable" conduct and "condemn" their "bullying".

This isn't the first time Price has stirred controversy after calling Van Badham "hysterical" on the ABC's Q&A.

Neither Price nor Rizvi has commented on the issue. However, Rizvi has had to delete her public Facebook page as a result of the ongoing abuse she has received.