Steve Harrington is the unsung hero of Stranger Things season two.


Hi there,

We’d like to introduce you to Steve.

I AM STEVE. Image via Netflix.

Steve has amazing hair, great taste in fried chicken, and he is - without a doubt - the unsung hero of Stranger Things season two.

You see, in season one Steve was a bit of a douche.

He kind of pressured Nancy into abandoning Barb by the pool and going upstairs with him at the party. They had sex and Barb was dragged into the Upside Down by a Dermogorgon and killed way before her time #JusticeForBarb.

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Steve then showed very little interest in the fact that his girlfriend's best friend was missing. He was also a massive terdburger to Jonathan the sweet ~ kinda pervy ~ guy who's younger brother was missing, presumed dead.

He smashed his very expensive camera and didn't once offer him any kind of emotional or physical support in the search for his brother. A move that ended up backfiring on him #TeamJonathan.

steve harrington stranger things
I WAS A DOUCHE. Image via Netflix.

In season two, Steve definitely redeems himself.

After Nancy dumps his arse, Steve teams up with lil' Dustin to kill the baby Demogorgons (Demodogs) and to teach the little fella how to style his hair to get the ladies (apparently all it takes is two squirts of the Farrah Fawcett spray, take note boys).


He handles Nancy rejection like a true gent and then gives Dustin a lil' prep talk like the kindly uncle Dustin never asked for.

And, honestly, Steve looks like an absolute sweetheart next to season two's douchebag - Billy.

steve harrington stranger things

Ah Steve, never change (except between season one and two obviously).

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