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Man accused of killing his wife allegedly propositioned her friends for a threesome after she disappeared.

A man accused of murdering his wife asked two women if they wanted a threesome a few weeks after the teenage bride went missing, a Sydney jury has been told.

The women testified they visited their friend Steve Fesus to offer him their support after hearing of his wife’s disappearance in August 1997.

“He said: ‘I have got a bottle of champagne in the fridge – why don’t you two get on the floor and we can have a threesome?” said witness Kim Duncan in the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday.

Fesus, 46, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Jodie Fesus, 18, in August 1997 at their Shellharbour home, on the NSW south coast, before burying her body in a shallow grave at Seven Mile Beach, near Gerroa.

The crown has alleged their relationship had deteriorated and that he strangled her during an argument.

Police found the beach grave and exhumed her body on September 15, 1997 after receiving an anonymous call from a male.

Ms Duncan’s friend, who cannot be named, told the jury of visiting Fesus to support him.

“I can’t remember the exact words but certainly there was an insinuation of relations between the three of us and relations between Kim and myself whilst he would be watching,” she said.

“At the time I was not sure how to react but I certainly made it clear that it was not something which would eventuate.”

Ms Duncan said she was “shocked” by the proposition but just laughed it off and did not know if he was serious, adding that the three of them had joked about sex in the past.

During their visit Fesus had been “saddish” but not distraught, in contrast to his being “extremely emotional” a few weeks later when interviewed on TV about his wife’s murder, she said.