Model criticised for posting picture of grandpa looking at her underwear ad.

It’s a seemingly normal scene. A proud grandparent bursting with pride over the success of his beautiful granddaughter. But some people are seeing something more sinister.

Australian model, Stephanie Smith, 22, is enjoying a high-point in her career. Recently cast as one of the famous faces in an underwear campaign for Bras ‘N’ Things, her image is popping up on shop-fronts and billboards across the country. As her grandfather recently discovered.

Me and #mybodybliss babes for @brasnthings_ ???? @tahnee711 @biancamaycheah @natalie_roser @sam_harris

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Smith shared a snap of that precise moment with her 963,000 Instagram followers yesterday, accompanied by the caption, “Receiving this from mum put the biggest smile on my face. Love ya pop.”


The picture has been liked more than 10,000 times, and most of the comments that followed found the picture to be a sweet, touching example of a proud pop. One even pointed out that it appears as if he’s holding her hand.

However, countless others have interpreted the picture in an entirely different way. Words like "gross", "creepy" and "weird" are littered throughout the comments by people who believe the picture demonstrates something unhealthy.

The backlash prompted Stephanie to issue an update to her caption, which read: "Ps [sic] everyone who is commenting negative stuff... Grow up!"

You're too kind, Stephanie Smith. We'd be telling them to do a little more than that.

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