Australian women share their dresses in memory of Stephanie Scott. #putyourdressout

A special nationwide tribute to a beautiful life cut far too short.

Today was to be one of the most exciting days in Stephanie Scott’s life. Today was to be her wedding day.

Instead, this morning, the nation has woken with a feeling of unease and sorrow.

Overnight came the news that the body of the murdered of  26-year-old Leeton woman Stephanie Scott had been found by police. The cleaner from the school where she worked was arrested on Thursday for this heinous crime.

Ms Scott posted this photo on Facebook with the caption: “so excited, not long now.”

Women across Australia have felt this young woman’s loss – but it has also reminded us of the lives lost to violence this year.

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Today, women of Australia are hanging their wedding dresses (or another dress special to them) on their front door not only to acknowledge the passing of Stephanie, but also to remember the daily tragedy of violence against women in our community.

Mamamia’s Jamila Rizvi’s wedding dress.

Across social media women are sharing their images and their grief. They are doing it to remember the beautiful lives cut short and to stand in solidarity with the Scott family and every other family whose lives have been marred by violence.

See some of the images of wedding dresses and other special dresses being shared on social media today…

So, today, consider putting your dress out and sharing the image with your friends and family.

For solidarity. For love. For Stephanie.

#putyourdressout #rememberstephanie