Stephanie Rice just made the same social media fail we all have.

Image: Instagram (@stephanierice).

I spend about 89 per cent of my time on my phone – and the only reason it’s not 100 per cent is because I have to sleep at some time, right?

I hate my dependency on social media but I just can’t live without it – how will my day be complete if I don’t know what all 400 of my closest Facebook friends have been up to in the last 24 hours?

It turns out Stephanie Rice can completely relate. Just a week ago she posted a selfie on Instagram with the announcement that she was logging off for a while.

“Signing off Instagram for a few weeks to really disconnect from social media and work!!!,” she wrote.

“Excited to go on a family holiday as we haven’t all been together on a holiday away since I was 16 (11 years ago) and I haven’t been on a holiday in two to three years now too, so I’m really looking forward to really allowing myself to switch off and ENJOY! Nothing more important than family!”

The response from fans was entirely positive, wishing Rice a great break and time away.

But just a few days later (forget three weeks), she was back on social media. What digital detox?!

"Beautiful ? FALL ?colours on the Montmorency Bridge in Quebec City " Image: Instagram

"Went to my first ever college football game... It was bloody freeeezing," she wrote on a picture of the football field, before sharing another of the "beautiful Fall colours" in Quebec.

While Rice wanted to take a break from social media and treasure precious time with her family, she caved to the temptation that is social media. Don't worry, Steph, we've done exactly the same. (Post continues after gallery.)

While she mightn't have lasted the distance, Steph's idea of taking a break from social media and work is something worth pursuing, no matter how hard it might be.

It's something Elle Macpherson swears by for her wellbeing - just before her holiday earlier this year, the 51 year old also announced she was taking a break via Instagram.

“We are unplugging from technology and taking to rest for the weekend… taking a break from all the screens and social media (yes even IG!), relax and unwind in the natural world," she captioned her photo.

Elle Macpherson also tried a weekend digital detox. Image: Instagram.

Clinical Psychologist Dr Paula Watkins says it's a great choice to make for your mental and physical health.

"The impact of spending so much time scrolling and scrolling through social media is feeling tired, a stressed brain in a state of information overload and a lowered mood," she explains.

And even small steps can make a difference.

"Challenge yourself to an evening with friends and family without looking at your phone. Or challenge yourself to take a social media break for a day, week or weekend. There’s absolutely no harm in going on a more in-depth digital detox such as a week away on an organised retreat or self-retreat," she says.

The secret is having a strategy, such as setting certain times like meal times as "phone-free".

"After you’ve set a plan, share it with others – this means you can get the benefits of support and accountability,"advises Dr Watkins.
"Plan ahead for some activities you can do and use mindfulness to notice any urges or irritability arising during your detox."

Have you ever failed at a digital detox?