Why we're loving Steph Rice's latest Instagram photo.

It’s not often you see a celebrity talking openly about the cosmetic procedures they’ve had, let alone sharing surgery advice and details with their fans.

But former swimmer Stephanie Rice is happily doing both.

In an interview with Who magazine last year, the 26-year-old revealed she had undergone two rhinoplasty procedures in 2012 and early 2014. A swimming pool accident 10 years earlier had flattened the bridge of Steph’s nose and left her with ongoing sinusitis problems, along with weakened self-esteem.

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“My family and friends would say it was fine, but random people would comment,” the Olympic gold medallist told the magazine.

“Seeing the better version of my nose made me realise how much it had been affecting me … I love the way my nose looks now and I can finally breathe. I don’t have a problem fixing something that was broken in the first place.”

In an Instagram post last night, Steph explained why being so open about her surgery was empowering for her.

It’s a common problem nearly every woman has. So why are some getting surgery to ‘fix’ it?

“When I made the choice to have my rhinoplasty at the start of last year I had a few people around me advising me to keep it hush hush because I guess a lot of people do,” she wrote.

Steph loves her new nose.


"I wasn't really bothered about it because I don't see the big deal, plus to me... Why lie? But looking back I'm so glad I didn't keep it hush hush and rather owned my decision."

Steph, who retired from professional swimming last year and has since moved into TV work, added that she loves sharing her rhinoplasty experience to "guide others who are in the same position" she was.

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"I get an email almost every fortnight from my website asking me who my surgeon was and what the surgery was like, and I love being able to help them out because it can be pretty daunting."

In other happy news, it seems Steph is relocating to the US later this month.

We hope her big move goes swimmingly (sorry - couldn't resist) and that she continues being open and real about her life.

Have you ever had a cosmetic procedure? Did you tell many people about it, and if not, why?