The new Netflix movie that's so lame you'll love it.

Excuse me, I found a… thing.

It’s a dance/comedy movie called Step Sisters and it’s streaming on Netflix now.

It’s kind of like if Step Up and Pitch Perfect and Dear White People all got together and had an orgy and then ended up having a very basic movie baby together.

It’s as if Netflix went to their little movie making machine and typed in ‘college-based comedy’, ‘some kind of competitive sport’, and ‘woke pls’.

In short, it’s a dance movie that tries to send an important message about diversity and inclusion and wokeness etc.

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The movie follows the story of Jamilah, an African American college student who seems to have her whole life figured out… until she doesn’t.

She’s the president of her sorority, captain of their champion step dance crew, student liaison to the college Dean, and a shoe-in for Harvard Law School.

But when her parents refuse to give her a legacy reference for Harvard, Jamilah has to ask the Dean for help.

He tells her he’ll give her a reference if she teaches a troubled white sorority how to step.


Yes, cause that’s a thing that happens.

Of course, things don’t go smoothly when Jamilah turns up to the sorority and offers to teach them how to become an award-winning step crew.

The girls eventually reluctantly agree after flipping their hair around a lot and saying ‘Like why?’ a thousand times.

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The rest of the movie is basically a montage of Jamilah teaching the girls to dance in their sorority house basement, them bonding, breaking down barriers etc etc.

They then go on to compete in the regional stepping competition against the best African American teams in the area, and yeah, something really unrealistic happens which I won’t give away here.

Step Sisters is a terrible idea for a movie… but it’s also kind of fun.

What it lacks in the comedy of Pitch Perfect and the nuance of Dear White People, it makes up for by just trying really damn hard.

It’s the sort of movie you can watch and not have to think about… even when it does try to make you think.

So grab your basic b**tches and plan your next movie night because Pitch Perfect just got a little bit woke.

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