Divorced couple give emotional tribute to their child's stepparents.

“Being a step-parent can sometimes be thankless… until today.” That’s how content creators, Soul Pancake are styling their latest video.

Soul Pancake invite divorced parents Jamey and Tara to write to the step-parents of their son, Nakhjavani, Jason and Natasha, and then to read their letters aloud to their respective counterparts.

Jamey writes to Jason, “aren’t you supposed to be someone I hate? You’re a man of integrity, a man of skill, a beautiful husband. I admire you and I’m grateful for you.”

Nakhjavani's whole family, Natasha, Jamey, Jason, Tara and half siblings. Image via youtube

Tara writes to Natasha, "I knew I was not being replaced, but you were only adding more love into Nakh's life."

There's no one way to be a family, a point beautifully made in the video, which you can watch here.

Are there step-parents in your children's lives?