Stay-at-home mums would earn a six figure salary if it were a full time job. And PREACH.

It’s a truth universally known that stay-at-home mums work hard. Really hard.

They scrub bathrooms, do the accounting, make three meals a day (plus snacks) and make sure the emotional needs of every child are being met. They are (like all parents) super heroes.

But work stay-at-home mums do is often perceived as a labour of love and adoration, rarely being perceived as actual labour. However according to, if their work was converted into a salary it would be… a lot.

The website researched a range of jobs and various tasks that stay-at-home parents complete throughout the day, such as Laundry Manager and CEO, and came to the calculation that the job is worth AUD $225,000 per annum. Wow.

And to top it off, with the average 9 to 5 job equating to 40 hours working a week, being a full-time parent equates to more than two full-time jobs.

Stay-at-home mums are on call 24 hours, and carry, among other things, the emotional and administrative weight of a home. So their work week would equate to 96 hours.

They’re essentially running a small company. But with children. Any job with a description like that is well worthy of a six figure salary in our eyes.

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