Everything you knew about Star Signs is wrong. And there is a 13th sign.

Don’t panic, but everything we know is a lie.

The BBC have reported that the star signs (or horoscopes, or zodiacs, or whatever you want to call them) are actually WRONG.

Apparently, about 86% of us are wrong about which constellation we were born under.

Two thousands years ago, when the zodiac signs were first devised by the Ancient Greeks, they were based on whichever constellation of stars was behind the Sun on the day of a person’s birth. But since then, the stars have drifted. Something to do with the ‘wobbling effect’ of the Earth and the Moon and the Sun… anyway, the stars have moved, and now the constellations are different.

Science win: 

They are officially out by about a month. And, wait for it… there is a THIRTEENTH star sign, called Ophiuchus (Off-ee-yoo-kus), or the ‘serpent-bearer’. That’s right. We’ve added another star sign to the list, and he comes bearing serpents. Those horoscope hotlines won’t know what to do with themselves.

It’s expected that early astronomers decided to leave the 13th sign out, in order to make the whole system more mathematically pleasing – the 360 degree sky could be divided into 12 neat parts of 30 degrees each. But the truth is out now.

BBC iWonder has a handy chart to find your ‘new’ starsign – that is, the constellation of stars you were ACTUALLY born under.

  • 21 January – 16 February, you are actually a CAPRICORN
  • 17 February – 12 March, you are actually an AQUARIUS
  • 13 March – 18 April, you are actually a PISCES
  • 19 April – 14 May, you are actually an ARIES
  • 15 May – 21 June, you are actually a TAURUS
  • 22 June – 20 July, you are actually a GEMINI
  • 21 July – 10 August, you are actually a CANCER
  • 11 August – 16 September, you are actually a LEO
  • 17 September – 31 October, you are actually a VIRGO
  • 1 November – 23 November, you are actually a LIBRA
  • 24 November – 29 November, you are actually a SCORPIO
  • 30 November – 18 December, you are actually an OPHIUCHUS (Boom! Go you! New horoscope!)
  • 19 December – 20 January, you are actually a SAGITTARIUS

You know what? We should have known this would happen. Our horoscopes said we might experience a change.