The star sign that is most likely to cheat is...

Some people believe that you can tell a lot about a person from when they were born. Things like this.

Okay, we don’t want to cause any trouble, but is your partner on this list?

An online dating website, Gleeden, has studied the moon and stars and everything in between to find out which astrological signs are the most likely to cheat.

The study looked at over 2 million of their sites members to find out the zodiac sign most likely to cheat on their partner.

First place?

Fire sign Sagittarius. According to the study, they are more likely to succumb to temptation because of their passionate and rebellious ways.

Second place?

Gemini. Their thrill-seeking nature means they become bored quite easily and then their eyes start to wonder. The fact that they are also great communicators and therefore, potentially good at flirting doesn’t help (or does depending on how you look at it).

And third place… Aries, due to their spontaneity and impulsive ways.

Other notable mentions are Aquarius, Capricorns and Cancers.

Then comes Taurus, Libra and Leo, with Virgos, Pisces and Scorpios being the real winners here by being the least likely to cheat.

Of course, there are many, many other factors that determine whether or not your partner’s going to cheat. So, you know, let’s not start any fights…

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Do you believe any of this? 

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