Should I Watch It? Wolf Like Me, the new Stan Original Series with an unexpected twist.

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When it comes to dating, everyone brings their own set of baggage.

And in the Stan Original Series Wolf Like Me, lead characters Gary and Mary are no different.

Described as a "genre-bending romantic comedy", the new series follows Gary (Josh Gad) and Mary (Isla Fisher) as a new couple dealing with their own sets of emotional baggage.

Watch the trailer for Stan Original Series Wolf Like Me below. Post continues after video.

While Gary is an emotional wreck, who is struggling to provide for his daughter following the death of his wife, Mary has her own secret that she's not quite ready to share with anyone.

Below, we unpack what Wolf Like Me is about and deliver our verdict on whether you should watch it.

What's it about?

In the first few minutes of the Stan Original Series Wolf Like Me, Gary (Josh Gad) and his 11-year-old daughter Emma (Ariel Joy Donoghue) are involved in a minor car accident.

Physically, Gary and Emma are mostly fine. 

But for Emma, the accident triggers a panic attack.

As Gary rushes out onto the street to retrieve Emma's schoolbag, which was launched from the car during the accident, a stranger, Mary (Isla Fisher), approaches the car.

Within moments, Mary manages to calm Emma's nerves - something her father has never been able to do.

Later that day, Mary arrives at Gary's home to check on Emma.

Josh Gad as Gary and Isla Fisher as Mary in the Stan Original Series Wolf Like Me. Image: Stan.


"I wanted to say sorry for wrecking your universe," Mary tells the tween, before gifting her a book.

After Mary's kind gesture, Gary and Mary begin striking up a relationship.

But before long, it becomes clear that Mary has a big secret.

"I'm a complicated person," she tells Gary. "I have baggage."

The upcoming Stan series was created and written by Abe Forsythe, who previously worked with Frozen star Josh Gad on zombie comedy Little Monsters.

The series is based on Forsythe's own experience as a single parent.

"Wolf Like Me is a very meaningful project for me, the stakes are extremely high but grounded by things we can all relate to," he previously said in a statement to Mamamia.

The series, which was filmed in New South Wales, was produced by Jodi Matterson (Nine Perfect Strangers), Bruna Papandrea (Big Little Lies) and Steve Hutensky's (The Dry) Made Up Stories.

Listen to Mamamia's daily entertainment podcast, The Spill, below. Post continues after podcast.

In the new series, Fisher and Gad are joined by Ariel Donoghue (Crossing Paths), Emma Lung (Entourage) and Anthony Taufa (Mr Inbetween), with guest stars including Jake Ryan (Stan Original Series Wolf Creek), Robyn Nevin (Stan Original Film Relic) and Nash Edgerton (The Invisible Man).

Wolf Like Me is the latest Stan Original Series to be produced locally in Australia, following series including Bloom, Bump, Eden, and The Tourist.

Come for...

The intriguing storyline and the endless twists and turns.

Stay for...

Josh Gad and Isla Fisher's infectious on-screen chemistry.

What shows will it remind you of?

Big Little Lies for the twists and turns, Behind Her Eyes for the genre-bending themes, and Bump for the Australian setting.

How many episodes are there and how long are they?

The six-part, half-hour drama series will premiere only on Stan on January 13, with all episodes available at once.

So, should you watch it?


Wolf Like Me is the type of series that you can easily devour in a single weekend. Or even in a single evening, if you're game.

The series is a compelling watch with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing as you speed through each episode.

The series also features strong acting performances from both Isla Fisher and Josh Gad, who both shine in this clever blend of drama, fantasy, and slapstick comedy.

All six episodes of Wolf Like Me will premiere exclusively on Stan on January 13.

Feature Image: Stan.

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