The Stan Original Film Windcatcher will make you want to hold a family movie night.

Good news, folks. A uniquely Australian coming-of-age family movie is dropping in time for the Easter holidays.

The Stan Original Film Windcatcher tells an empowering story about perseverance, survival, triumph, overcoming adversity, and the importance of friendship. 

Starring singing superstar Jessica Mauboy in her first film role since The Sapphires, Windcatcher revolves around the unlikely friendship between Percy Boy, a 10-year-old Aboriginal boy played by newcomer Lennox Monaghan, and his crew of misfits. The small-town underdogs join forces to battle a group of grade-five bullies and win a school sports day title. 

While training for the big day, Percy Boy discovers a supernatural ability to see Lost Souls – a gift passed down from his grandfather. Percy Boy must overcome his fears and past loss to chase his dreams. 

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Monaghan leads an all-star cast of Aussie talent, which includes Looking for Alibrandi's Pia Miranda, F.A.N.G's Max Turner, I Am Woman's Coco Greenstone, Mystery Road: Origin's Kelton Pell, The Twelve's Ngali Shaw, Wentworth's Lisa Maza and Packed to the Rafters star, Jessica McNamee.

This will be Mauboy's first movie role in 12 years with the chart-topper also making this her first non-singing film role, with The Sapphires and Bran Nue Dae actress instead focusing on her acting skills this time around, playing Percy Boy's Aunty Cressida.   


Windcatcher is in the creative hands of writer Boyd Quakawoot and director Tanith Glynn-Maloney. Quakawoot is a South Sea Islander and Indigenous writer from Yuwi Country who has written for the sketch show Black Comedy and the Stan Original Series Black Snow. Glynn-Maloney is an Indigenous director known for her award-winning short film Finding Jedda and documentary She Who Must Be Loved. 

The characters in this film are hysterical, offering up loveable underdogs worth rooting for. The highlight is the friendship forged between Percy and his new friends Keithy Cobb and Daisy Hawkin, as the school's underdogs take on the 'Wolf Pack', a notorious gang of bullies.

Percy Boy and his gang. Image: Supplied. 


In particular, Daisy stood out for me as a unique female character that I particularly resonated with. This eight-year-old sports enthusiast was as spunky as they come, she's a dynamo on the field and off, and offers wisdom to Percy and Keithy as their coach on how best to triumph over the bullies. 

I want to be Daisy when I grow up tbh. An absolute boss. 

Percy's family provides some of the most heartwarming moments in the movie. Pop, Aunty Prue, and Mauboy's Aunty Cressida are warm, down-to-earth and their banter is hysterically funny. 

The bright and sunny Australian scenery compliments the film's optimistic tone. Windcatcher was filmed in Melbourne and set in a fictional regional Victorian town called Herbertson. Set in 1998, the movie has a nostalgic vibe, depicting a time long before iPhones, iPads, and other modern technology were embraced by kids. 

The kids have to find other ways to entertain themselves. Image: Supplied. 


Then there's the supernatural aspect of Windcatcher, which is one of my favourite features in a family film. 

And yes, I watched Casper A LOT as a kid. 

As lights flicker around him, Percy discovers he has the gift of seeing spirits, sending him down a path of discovering not merely his newfound abilities but also his cultural identity. 

At under one hour and 30 minutes, it’s the perfect movie to pop on during the weekend to keep the kids enthralled without them getting restless. This is the kind of coming-of-age tale that many of us were raised on, in the ilk of Stand By Me, My Girl or Now and Then, but told through an Australian lens. 


And of course, this movie is rooted in the Indigenous experience of growing up in Australia, offering an important and much-needed First Nations perspective and packaged as a quirky nostalgic movie all families will enjoy. 

Like most good coming-of-age stories, the film doesn't shy away from the realities of growing up. Windcatcher delicately tackles themes of fear, loss, and belonging through the eyes of Percy, a boy who must overcome tragedy and adversity to chase his dreams. 

The Stan Original Film is Stan’s first co-commission with ACTF with major production investment from Screen Australia, ACTF and in association with VicScreen, with the support of the Queensland Government through Screen Queensland. 

Windcatcher comes from Unless Pictures and Every Cloud Productions (Eternus Group Company). The film is produced by Upright's Meg O’Connell and A Sunburnt Christmas' Drew Grove. Bernadette O’Mahony for ACTF, Cailah Scobie, Donna Chang and Rachel Okine serve as executive producers. 

The movie is essentially Stand By Me meets The Mighty Ducks with an Australian twist. The result is a loveable family film that is a heartwarming celebration of friendship and embracing our heritage.

The Stan Original Film Windcatcher premieres March 28, only on Stan.

Feature image: Supplied. 

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