Everything you need to know about Stan's huge Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival.


If there’s one thing we can not get enough of right now, it’s laughs.

The outside world is a confusing, unfamiliar place, and even as things look to slowly get back to normal in Australia, we’re set to be dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the fallout from it for a long time to come.

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Which is why, more than ever, we are seeking out distractions. And is there any greater distraction than comedy?

From Saturday, May 9 Stan will premiere the Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival, with more than 20 of Australia’s biggest and most recognisable comedians offering us laughs from the comfort of their own homes.

How to watch the Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival.

Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival will premiere Saturday, May 9 at 7pm AEST.

There will be a total of four episodes, with new episodes weekly on Stan.

The Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival comedians.

The lineup is basically the who’s who of Aussie comedy, coming together after the cancellation of major shows like the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival.


Okay, take a deep breath, because this will take a while: Wil Anderson, Cal Wilson, Nazeem Hussain, Dave Hughes, Zoë Coombs Marr, Tommy Little, Geraldine Hickey, Dilruk Jayasinha, Steph Tisdell, Aaron Chen, Sam Campbell, Michelle Brasier, Nath Valvo, Tom Ballard, Randy Feltface, Claire Hooper, Becky Lucas, Sam Taunton, Nikki Britton, Demi Lardner and Tom Walker, plus newcomers Lauren Bonner, Oliver Twist, Blake Freeman and Bec Charlwood will all feature.



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Episode one will be MC’d by Dave Hughes with guests Tom Ballard, Becky Lucas, Randy Feltface, Nikki Britton and Oliver Twist.

The second instalment of the comedy special will feature MC Nazeem Hussain, along with Zoë Coombs Marr, Dilruk Jayasinha, Nath Valvo, Demi Lardner, Tom Walker and Lauren Bonner.

Episode three will see Cal Wilson take the MC spot, with Tommy Little, Aaron Chen, Geraldine Hickey, Sam Taunton and Bec Charlwood as guests.

Finally, episode four will feature Wil Anderson as MC, plus Claire Hooper, Sam Campbell, Steph Tisdell, Michelle Brasier and Blake Freeman.

What to expect.

Laughs, obviously.

Dealing with the highs and lows of lockdown, the comedians will be coming at you from the comfort of their own homes.

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Image: Stan.

Stan pulled off non-contact delivery of a (sterilised) camera to each of the comedians, so they could film a comedy routine. It goes without saying that self isolation is going to mean some very... interesting content.

Their live audiences will range from kids to pets to... nobody at all, and maybe an inanimate object or two. At least when someone gets no laughs, it will be down to responsible social distancing.

We'll get a glimpse into the performer's homes, plus apparently there will be bathrobes, and at least one person actually in a bath. We don't know who that will be... but... we have our theories.

Australian Lockdown Comedy Festival premieres Saturday, May 9 at 7pm AEST, only on Stan.

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