Exotic dancer Stacey Tierney reportedly kept her profession a secret from loved ones.

The family of a British woman found dead in a Melbourne strip club had no idea she was working at the venue.

Stacey Tierney’s body was found inside the Dreams Gentlemen’s Club on the morning of Monday, 19 December, some 12 hours after she was last seen partying with a group of unidentified men.

While some of the 29-year-old’s relatives were reportedly aware that she had dabbled in pole dancing, all were stunned to learn she was employed by the club as an exotic dancer.

Among them her uncle, Graham Tierney, who told he was floored by the news.

“Most of us were unaware,” he said. “It certainly surprised me.”

Stacey Tierney was 29-years-old. Images: Facebook.

Homicide detectives have been called in to assist with investigations into the traveller's death, however authorities are not yet labelling it a murder.


It's understood that Stacey Tierney was inside the closed Elizabeth street venue with several men, who left some time after she died.

The club where Stacey's body was found. Image: Google Maps

For Graham Tierney, the lack of information about her final hours has made the tragedy all the more difficult to come to terms with.

“What I heard was that it was a private party inside the establishment when it would be normally closed and these alleged several men who fled the scene without raising any concerns,” he told

“Then where were the staff I assume would be serving them and who authorised the party? Surely the owners must know?”

Dreams Gentlemen’s Club is reportedly assisting police with the investigation.