Time poor? You can now fake tan while you shower.

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St Tropez are already known as innovators when it comes to the fake tan market. Their in-salon sprays are rated as the number one faux glow solution in the world, and they’ve achieved the same amount of devotion for their at-home formulas.

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Now, they’ve taken things one step further and have gone where no tan has dared go before it – near water.

St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tan is designed to go onto wet skin (traditionally, this would be a fake tan sin) and is left on for a maximum of three minutes. It’s then rinsed off.

From there, St Tropez say, you’ll be left with a natural, golden glow that mimics a week off work in the sun. As you can imagine, there’s already a wait list for this product. (Post continues after gallery.) 

The idea behind the gradual tanner is that wet skin is more porous than dry skin, meaning that it absorbs lotions and creams (like this one) far better.

There’s a thin solvent ingredient in the lotion which protects the active tanning ingredient (DHA) from breaking down while you’re in the shower. Plus, it contains sweet almond oil which moisturises the skin and keeps your tan looking even.

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So does this product actually work?

“I was really surprised to wake up the next morning with a soft golden tan, no mess, no streaks even though you put it on wet skin,” commented one reviewer, Liz.

Another, Saskia, remarked: “I found this product easier to use than foam products just because when on my skin it was easy to move around and felt more like a moisturiser than a tanning product. My tan started to develop almost instantly but it did leave me lighter than I expected.”

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower. Image: Supplied

St Tropez say the tan will continue to develop over the next eight hours but that you can reapply the gradual tanner each day to achieve a deeper glow if desired. (Post continues after video)

So far, the reviews we've read are overwhelmingly positive with users claiming the product really does provide a natural, streak-free result.

Before you rush out to the shops to secure your tube of tan heaven, just relax. Sadly it's not yet available in Australia.

As spokesperson for St Tropez, we're sure Kate Moss was amongst one of the first to try the St Tropez in shower tan. Image: Getty

In the UK where it's just been released, it had a wait list of over 10,000 tan enthusiasts. And Aussies are going to have to queue up too, by joining this waiting list.

It's safe to say there's some hype about this one, we can't wait to try it when it hits Aussie shores.
Is in-shower fake-tan something you'd be willing to try?