"Happy Slaying": misogynistic Facebook post leaked from St Paul's College in Sydney.

A misogynistic St Paul’s Facebook post has been exposed, suggesting sexism is still rife at the University of Sydney college.

The message, posted by a student, offered to “purposefully c–kblock” any student who wanted to “get rid of some chick” who wouldn’t leave their room or after they’d “harpooned a whale”. reports the post was published in late March and later deleted, with the author suspended from school for two weeks.

Listen: Sex, drinking, and social media is a recipe for some risky behaviour.

It’s the latest in a string of scandals that has plagued the infamous college since an 18-year-old woman was found raped and murdered on the St Paul’s oval in 1977. Her killer was never found.

Since then a series of sexist events and messages have come to light over the years, exposing a culture that female students at the school claim still looms large.

The ‘St Paul’s 2017’ Facebook post, which was liked almost 100 times, read:

G’Day Lads,
If you ever want to get rid of some chick who either (a) won’t leave your room after a root in the morning or (b) if you’ve harpooned a whale and she’s taking the whole bed preventing all chances of sleep, I’ll be there with a purposeful c–kblock to rescue you.
Simply message me the code word “argh” and your room number and I’ll be there with a well thought-out lie (terrifying lump on penis, broken foot or personal emergency) which requires your immediate assistance and her immediate exit.

Happy Slaying.

Student Katie Thorburn told University of Sydney Union news service Pulp that the post was part of a “legacy of degrading women”.

“If Paul’s idea of a “Good Lad” is one that sees sex as a violent action – ‘harpoon’ – and reduces women to dispensable objects for your use – then we need Elizabeth Broderick now,” she said, referring to a the College’s boycotting of a review into college culture at Sydney University, led by former Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick.

“This is not a one-off incident from St Paul’s. It’s part of a legacy of degrading women.

“I’m not just concerned that one man commented this, but that 100 St Paul’s boys liked and laughed along.”

Warden of St Paul’s College Dr Ivan Head told that the college “does not tolerate unacceptable or offensive behaviour and comments, and takes these matters very seriously”.

“The attitudes expressed by the individual on Facebook were grossly offensive and completely contrary to the values of respect and integrity we expect from students at St Paul’s College,” Dr Head’s statement read.

He added that the school was conducting its own internal review instead of the one lead by Broderick, and students would be spoken to about what it means to be a “Good Lad”.