The fun police are complaining about happy children. Again.

And parents aren’t having any of it. 

“Shame on you, sour residents of Naremburn!” That is just one comment left by Caitlin on a local cafe’s Facebook page.

Sprout Wholefood Cafe in Naremburn had to announce to their followers that the beloved kids’ cubby house was coming down.

It is with much regret that due to neighbouring complaints about "children's noise (laughter/fun!!!)" that Sprout have been ordered by council to remove the kids cubby house. Anyone who would like to dismantle and take the cubby please personal message us as by Sunday we sadly will be removing the cubby. We would like to see this go to another home where children enjoying playtime is not classified as a noise disturbance.

Please note it is not in prestine condition - it has been used and abused by the Sprout children so anyone wishing to take the cubby away can restore it to its former glory.

Needless to say, parents are pissed.

“What has our world become when children having fun outside instead of sitting with their heads shoved in an iPad is considered noise pollution?”

“Hmm, kids will probably make more noise now… Will they ban the kids next?!?”

"Disgusting ! It's not like they are playing late at night and disturbing anyone . We should encourage outside play instead of encouraging children to be zombies in front of the tv ..."

Many are pointing the finger at the neighbours making the complaint. And through Facebook comments on Mamamia, it seems like the cafe is in an area full of shops, real estate agents and loud noise. Louder, than happy kids playing while their parents enjoy a cup of coffee.

Some are suggesting that the owners should definitely remove the cubby house...and replace it with a machine that makes noice 24/7. Now that's getting a bit mean...

What do you think? Should the council be making such demands? Should the neighbours just get used to hearing the giggles of happy children?

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