Morning, noon and night: A 24-hour guide to lasting beauty hacks for the races.

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The last time I went to the races, I didn’t actually see a horse.

I spent most of the day under a marquee drinking, socialising, dancing, and just generally having a ball. It was a fantastic day, but what made it even better was the fact I had prepped my entire look for a full day of ever-changing temperatures.

As any girl who’s been to the races or any social events around spring carnival knows, there is a real art to maintaining your look all day without a professional makeup team at your beck and call.

For us regular people it’s all about the hacks and clever cost-efficient remedies that make getting ready for an all-day event as simple as possible. It requires a little forward planning, so I’m going to let you in on a few tricks to stay looking and feeling sharp all day:

1. Hack your lips for long-lasting wear…early.

Order of prep: Coffee and brekkie first, teeth brushing second, and makeup last. This is a small but crucial tip to start with – no-one wants smudged foundation, so do your full face of makeup after you brush. To banish the coffee stains (and breath), I use Colgate Optic White’s High Impact White (which should be used up to six weeks twice a day for the ‘high impact’).

After that, use a moisturising lip balm and then start your makeup routine. When you’re finally all glowed up it’s time to finish with your lips. When applying your lip liner, be sure to smudge the line lightly with your fingers before applying the lipstick to encourage blending and avoid any harsh lines. Once you’ve applied the lipstick, take a small square of tissue and gently press against your mouth, keeping it closed and relaxed. Then start working your fingertips around the edges as well as the centre of the lips. This will stop you from getting lipstick stains on your freshly cleaned teeth so you can smile confidently at the races all day!

You don’t want this:

maya rudolph teeth GIF


Please, no. Image: GIPHY.

You want this:

2. Be kind to your feet from the very beginning – not just at the end when it hurts.
You only get one pair of feet and you’ve got to treat them right. Simple tricks like wearing shoes with a thick heel are going to keep you sturdy and more comfy for longer and bonus, you won’t be sticking into the grass as you walk which is a common races mistake (or outdoor wedding mistake, I’ve been there).

Gel active insoles like Party Feet will also be a lifesaver on the day! Even take a set with you and stick them in later if your feet are getting sore for some midday relief. Another super-cheap hack is using some strong sticky tape or nude medical tape and stick it around your third and fourth toes to redistribute pressure. *Science* says it spreads the weight more evenly across your feet leading to less pain and stronger resistance in heels.

gf laughing


Ohymgod I can actually feel my feet. Image: GIPHY.

3. Setting spray is no joke. Seriously.
Setting spray. Setting spray. Setting spray. If it’s good enough for Jeffree Star in that California sun then it’s good enough for you. A good setting spray will keep the makeup on all day and can withstand pretty much any weather. Just apply liberally in the morning after you’ve finished your makeup and then again just before you leave. This will keep your makeup locked in all day.

If you don’t already have setting spray and don’t want to go buy any you can use hairspray as an alternative. It’s not ideal but it’s OK for today. I would suggest the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. Your makeup will not move.

interested water bottle GIF

  Cool down, sister. Image: GIPHY.

4. Ditch the huge bag – shrink your cosmetics!
Travel-sized setting spray, hairspray, dry shampoo, deodorant are all going to be handy on a day like today. You’re moving from marquee to marquee, indoors to outdoors, dancing and cheering and all over a period of six to seven hours. To avoid sweat stains, spray early and duck away and top up when you can. Nivea have their black-and-white deodorant in a travel-sized container which I love because it’s also only $1.50 – a great savey. Just remember to give your deodorant a little shake before spraying to avoid any accidental build up.

5. Lip balm is your multi-purpose best friend.
Take a lip balm like a Carmex and warm some in your fingers. You can then dab this onto any makeup on your face that may be looking a little dry. It will help blend the makeup back together leavening a fresh, dewy finish. Lip balm can also be good as a short term highlighter, particularly if it’s a windy and dry day this can be a lifesaver.

And finally…

 Wind down like a winner. Image: GIPHY.

After conquering the day’s events, all you need to remember in the evening is to take off your makeup, and that’s it.

Give your skin a break and freshen up. If you’re next-level careful, you should use a gentle cleanser like Simple’s Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser and a moisturiser or face oil as well  – but understandably that’s quite an expectation after a day at the races.

Now you’re tired, you’ve had a Hydralyte, a kebab and brushed again, and you’re ready for a sleep – you deserve it.

What are your race day hacks?

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