CULT BUY: The unlikely cheapie lipstick that never budges.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post – I genuinely love this lipstick. I thought I lost my favourite shade last week and started to ugly cry over the phone to my mum about it…

It’s a Thursday morning. The snooze button got the better of you (nothing new) and now you’re late and looking in the mirror wondering just when exactly the bags under your eyes become their new darker shade.

You need a miracle to get out the door in the form of a presentable member of society. The answer? Lipstick.

Like a metaphorical magic wand, a good lipstick is guaranteed to solve most (if not all) of those morning ‘is this really how I look today?’ moments.

If it’s bold enough, it’s guaranteed to detract all attention away from the rest of your face and directly to your lips.

My trick to looking like a presentable member of society. Image Supplied.

In my opinion, the perfect lipstick comes in the form of Sportsgirl's 'Pout About It' range.

It's very affordable, comes in a mix of trendy and classic colours, goes on like a dream and REFUSES TO COME OFF. It's nothing new, and heaven knows we've been going on about it for a while (see our 2014 rage about it), but it deserves to be repeated.

One stick of lipstick is $9.95 but you can sometimes catch them on sale, or as we speak there are some available for $1 online.

And it's a long term investment too. Most of my shades have outlasted all of my serious relationships (not sure if that's more of a reflection on my ex-boyfriends than the lipstick though).

best lipstick
My three favourite shades: Berrylicious, Pretty Please and Dark Angel. Image via Sportsgirl.

With other lipsticks, every cup of coffee represents a potential smudge. Or worse, a threat of getting a bright red curved imprint from your mug all over your face that no one tells you about until it's too late.

Sportsgirl lipstick stays exactly where it's meant to for hours. I'm talking buffet dinner, night out, entire work day coverage.

If 'contouring' is a foreign language to you too, this lipstick is the answer to your prayers. It's easy to put on and doesn't require lip liner (although it doesn't go astray), fancy brushes or much thought. I dab it along my lips for a more subtle shade or slick it on thick for demanding occasions.

It's glossy and easy- and bold enough to distract anyone! Image supplied.

The range is mainly matte in a mix of classic reds and nudes, and more adventurous plums and bright pinks. It's also super moisturising and won't leave your lips feeling like paper.