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A TV reporter was doing a live segment. She had no idea what was on her shoulder.

There are a few not-so-perfect things that could happen to you during a live TV segment.

Like… accidentally grabbing a woman’s breast or getting sprung by a live TV cross when you’re totally not expecting it.

(One thing is for sure: it’s definitely NOT being interrupted mid-report by a dog because that’s actually the BEST and we are very jealous this has never happened to us.)

But as unexpected as live television gets at times the show must go on.

Even if your name is Shannon Murray, a reporter from Texas in the US, who had a GIANT SPIDER decide to crawl all over her during your segment.

spider attacks reporter live tv
spider attacks reporter live tv
spider attacks reporter live tv

Shannon was just trying to report on location at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport this week. But this spider was having precisely none of it.

It saw its moment for TV superstardom and it took a chance.

We don’t know where it came from. We don’t know where it went. But we do know that it was terrifyingly distracting.

Viewers were quick to alert Shannon that she was being ATTACKED by the eight-legged creature during her segment. But it turns out that Shannon had NO IDEA what was going on.

“I knew I felt something on me!” she tweeted in response to one very concerned viewer.


“I felt something on me. I had no idea it was a spider! I figured it was a mosquito or something” she told Teen Vogue.

“When I actually saw the video, I was totally creeped out. I could not believe how big it was!”

That’s probably why she tweeted this to her fans after seeing what had gone down without her noticing:

Shannon. We totally get it.

Spiders are creepy and crawly and not at all suitable for television.