The Spice Girls berating 'chauvinist pigs' in unearthed video will make you yell 'girl power'.

If you ever doubted that the Spice Girls were proud feminists, this video is sure to change your mind.

A behind-the-scenes video from the set of a 1997 Polaroid commercial has emerged online, and shows members of the popular girl group calling out the blatant sexism of two advertising executives.

The members of the popular girl group weren't about to take the mens' comments lying down. Image via Twitter.

Dressed as school girls, the singers were unimpressed when they were asked to show "more cleavage and a bit of midriff" by the two men.

"Why did you ask that? To have a cleavage shown and a midriff shown?" Mel B - aka Scary Spice - asked the two men, to which one replied that it was "every man's fantasy" to see more skin.

Ugh, really?

"Well you can f*** right off," replied Mel.

Mel B called out the men on their sexist remarks. Image via Twitter.

Geri Halliwell also berated the men, calling them "chauvinist pigs" and telling them that using the fantasy excuse was an "easy cop-out".

"I understand it’s an advertising thing and you’re thinking ‘sexy,sexy’, but have you not heard of ‘less is more’ anyway?" she asked.

"That can be just as sexy...you should know better by now, really. What sort of example is that?"


One of the men replied that it would be an "excellent example of fine young men", while the other added that showing more skin would "make it more Spice Girls".

Later in the video, Mel B summarises the on-set argument for viewers.

"He said, 'Can you show a bit of cleavage and midriff?' and we said 'NO, girl power!"