The $4.29 beauty product that keeps Baby Spice looking like, well, Baby Spice.

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Given she was part of one of the biggest pop groups of all time, and the ultimate ’90s beauty icon, you’d think that Emma Bunton (or Baby Spice as she’ll always be known to us) would have a skincare regime stuffed full of high end products.

Nope. Baby Spice’s can’t-live-without product? It’ll set you back less than $5 – and we’re guessing you’ve probably already got one lurking in your beauty stash.

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“I’m a Palmer’s Cocoa Butter ($4.29) girl and I slather that all over me. It’s great and it keeps my skin soft,” she told the Daily Mail.

The 39 year-old also said that that although each of the band members had a very distinct look, the group were always sharing products when they were on the road – something that continues to this day.

“We would share everything! Simple Face Wipes ($6.99) were always being thrown around on the tour bus to get the makeup off,” she said. (Post continues after gallery.)

“I definitely take more time with my beauty regime now than when I was younger. I make sure I take my makeup off before [bed] and take care of my hair and skin. I’m going to be 40 in January and I want to keep my skin as supple as possible and my hair glossy,” she said.

Bunton’s pigtails were the key feature of her iconic Baby Spice look (one we recreated in our teenage years) and she’s not ashamed of them.

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“I have always been proud of my pigtails. I’ve got very thin hair and it’s all about volumising the hair for me. Sometimes I probably backcombed a bit too much but I think the bigger the better,” she said.

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"I went out with Mel C not long ago and I forgot my lip gloss. Again, we shared quite a lot. We used to just like sharing and trying new things out."

Although she's a fan of brands like Guerlain, Bobbi Brown and Benefit, as a breakfast program radio host, Bunton says having to sort her two boys out (Beau, eight and Tate, four with long term partner Jade Jones) and be out the door by half past five doesn't leave much time in front of the mirror.

"It's all about makeup in the car in the morning," she said.

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"My top makeup bag essential has to be a really good mascara - I am all about lashes. I love a good bronzer and then generally just a lip gloss. I like keeping it as natural as possible but having a little something there."

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