It's the season for giving. But it doesn't have to break the bank.


If you get a little deeper into financial trouble with every door that opens on the advent calendar, you need to listen to Michelle.

Every household spend too much at Christmas, with Australians expected to spend $8.9 billion on gifts.

If you are already stressing about how you’re going to A) Afford Christmas and B) Pay it all back, you need to watch these videos.

Michelle Hutchison is not the Grinch, but she is a plain-speaking finance expert who can tell you what’s what when it comes to Christmas spending, and debt.

LIKE, how to make a budget:

Are you average? Of course not. But if you were, you would spend approximately $498 on presents for your friends and family.

Michelle knows how to stop yourself from getting carried away in the moment:

And if you’re doing all your shopping on the lounge with your credit card, here’s how to stop that from getting the better of you.