The speeding ticket excuse no parent ever, ever, ever hopes they have to use.

A truck driver in Western Australian has possibly presented police with one of the most awkward excuses for driving over the speed limit during the state’s most recent long weekend.

The driver, who remains unnamed, was caught driving 37km over the speed limit in the regional town of Pithara, 260km from Perth, on Monday morning.

He was hit with an enormous fine of $1200 and lost 12 demerit points, as double demerits were in force as the state celebrated the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

While that may seem a hefty price to pay for speeding (although, that being said, we all know the dangers of exceeding the speed limit), it pales in comparison to the embarrassment the man surely faced while attempting to explain his actions to police.

gastro speeding ticket excuse
The man's embarrassment was shared online. Image via Facebook.

You see, the poor man was rushing to find a bathroom after catching a virus from his children.

"I needed to sh"t," his speeding ticket read.


"Kids have given me gastro."

Many parents were sympathetic to the man's... struggle... when the ticket was posted to Facebook.

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"Anyone who's caught gastro from there kids and been stuck out will totally appreciate what this guy was prolly going through (sic)," one mother wrote.

"Kids suck for that sort of stuff," another said.

Some parents even suggested that cars come with "a special light that flashes when your busting for a poo".

"Can't believe no one said it...'that's a crap excuse'!" commented another.

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