A mum of a special needs boy took on the supermarket giants and won.

It will change the lives of parents of special needs kids nationwide.

As the mother of a three-year-old with Cerebal Palsy, Kelly Wilton found it hard to do the weekly groceries. Every week it was a battle because her son tired easily, and there was nothing to get him around the supermarket in.

But Wilton wasn’t a woman to sit and sulk about her tough situation, instead she took action.

She created a petition on to get Woolworths and Coles to bring in trolleys equipped for children with special needs. In her petition she introduced herself as the mother of a three-year-old with Cerebal Palsy and was asking the supermarket giants to introduce special needs trolleys to all of their stores.

Kelly Wilton's son, Mikey. Image via

She wrote about her initial failed attempt:

When I asked at my local Woolworths and Coles if I could use their Special Needs trolley, Woolworths flat out said they won’t be getting one, and Coles are going to take 2 months (it's been over 2 months now!)

The mum then opened up about how unfair it was for her beautiful boy, Mikey. She said he was a great kid and was growing but continued to wear a leg brace, meaning there's no way he could use a normal trolley.


"His condition means he tires easily and so needs the support of a safe and supported trolley," she wrote on

"This should be an easy thing - these companies are huge.  In the grand scheme of things, getting at least one of these trolleys at every store has to be achievable.  And it would make such a huge difference for families like mine.  It’d mean we can have the choice to shop at any of their stores, just like anyone else would."

All families deserve to be equal.

Wilton  pointed out that she was not alone in her struggles, and while she was like most mums - juggling life - she had extra commitments because of her son's needs.

She wrote:

As it is, like most families, I squeeze groceries in between caring for my family, part-time work and running a household, but on top of that, when you’re caring for a child with disability and/or chronic conditions, you need to fit in therapy and hospital visits too.  I need to be able to rely on the fact that I can just drop into a supermarket and there’s going to be a trolley he can use there - without it taking 2 months of lobbying and begging to get it done!

Please sign my petition asking Coles and Woolworths to introduce special needs trolleys at all their stores.  Just like other big supermarkets have started doing overseas.  It won’t cost them much, but it’ll mean the world of difference for families like mine and make life that bit easier.

And on March 18th, Wilton had some very good news - a result that will help thousands of families countrywide.

Coles and Woolworths have both now confirmed that they are committed to implementing special needs trolleys throughout their Australian stores. Coles introduced 300 trolleys nationally last month, in February, and Woolworths will introduce 700 trolleys, in May this year. With over 38,000 signatures, support and inclusion for our Australian special needs community was heard. Thank you to all!

You can help the cause by going to and signing the petition.

Otherwise just know, that now the big supermarket chains have listened to a single voice, who was tough enough to reach out for other's help and in turn made a huge difference.

It will be a change to Wilton and Mikey's life, but also to all families in Australia who need a trolley that caters for special needs children. Because with all the extra commitments these parents have to make, doing their groceries should be an easy task.

What do you think about the supermarket giants making such a significant difference for families with special needs kids?

*Feature Image via Caroline's Cart Facebook.

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