Are these the most specific apology cards ever created?

We’ve all been there right? We’ve screwed up so monumentally that we’ve found ourselves in the newsagent buying our partner/friend/boss one of these:

Bog standard 'I'm sorry' greeting card. (Image via. Pinterest)

Granted, that's a pretty card and essentially, it gets the message across. Or does it?

Because there are times when adults are just like a toddler who shrugs his shoulders when asked if he knows what he's saying sorry for. We know we did something wrong and we know that it made the other person unhappy but really, when we say sorry, we're often just trying to smooth things over and keep the peace.

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It's not the best tactic, because all the other person wants is acknowledgement of the specific issue that upset them in the first place. They want you to be truly repentant for your actions, so that you'll think twice before you do it again.

So instead of a blanket, all encompassing 'sorry card', we propose you start making your own, similar to these:

Let us know what you would specifically be sorry for in a greeting card given the chance...

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