Wait... were Sophie and Stu secretly having sex during The Bachelorette?

So… something may or may not have happened in a certain reality TV mansion a few months ago.

And that something definitely probably possibly involved Stu Laundy sneaking into Sophie Monk’s living quarters when the cameras stopped rolling at night.

Oh yes fellow Stuphie (Sophie and Stu = Stuphie) truthers, the plot just got deliciously thicker.

According to the Daily Mail, Monk revealed in a speech at Laundy’s 45th birthday party this week that things were getting a lil’ bit steamy between them from day one.

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“Stu and I are very similar … we’re not very good at rules,” Monk began her speech.

“So the whole time through The Bachelorette, we were meant to be in lock-down, which means ‘don’t see each other’ – we saw each other more than any other couple I think … I’d leave a key downstairs in the garage, he’d just pick it up and come straight to the room … He has that arrogance, he knew he was going to win!

“I think that’s what helped you win,” she added.


It was rigged, people, RIGGED.

So yeah, there may have been some secret bach sex. Or – at the very least – some secret holding hands and talking about their feelings.

Good on them.

But also, no one should ever tell Jarrod (or his pot plant). This will be our little secret, Australia. I cannot sit through another 87583754 minutes of Jarrod sobbing on a beach.

Until next time, Stuphie truthers.

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