The Bachelorette conspiracy theory that legitimately makes so much sense.

Since The Bachelorette came to its predictable and surprisingly emotional conclusion, Australians have been scratching their heads over one ~very~ important question.

What… now?

Basically, we’re all losing it trying to figure out what comes next for Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy. So much so, even Jan had to get involved and come to the couple’s defence. God bless Jan.

Holly, Mia and Jessie talk about Sophie and Stu on the latest episode of Mamamia Out Loud: 

But while we were all caught up on sorting ourselves into the ‘THEIR LOVE IS FOREVER’ and ‘THEY’VE ALREADY SPLIT’ groups, one clever person came up with a conspiracy theory that 100 per cent makes sense.

In a post to her Facebook page, writer Kerri Sackville explained EXACTLY why, in her opinion, Sophie and Stu’s relationship is legit, making a number of excellent points.

“I know tons of men like Stu Laundy. Rich, attractive, powerful men. Men like Stu Laundy have women coming out of their ears. They do NOT need to go on a reality TV show to find love. And they certainly do NOT risk public humiliation to go on a reality TV show to seduce a girl who has already rejected them – particularly not when they have four daughters,”  she wrote, presumably while stroking her non-existent moustache like they do in the movies.

“My guess is that Sophie and Stu have a pre-existing relationship, and that he came on the show only because he was absolutely guaranteed a win.”

Now that we think about it, this ‘conspiracy theory’ explains so many things. So, prompted by Kerri’s train of thought, we’ve done a bit of digging into all the examples her theory is maybe, nay, probably true.

Their “first encounter”

First, let’s look at their “first encounter”. In quotations because… it wasn’t their first encounter, and this theory suggests it was far from it.

When Stu stepped out of the helicopter, he immediately called her “Soph”. At the time, we thought this was bit too familiar, but we chalked it up to them having met that one time when Sophie stood him up. But now, it feels like a definite sign they were a bit closer than they initially said, because, isn’t a bit presumptuous to start calling someone by a nickname if you’ve only met once?

Some people HATE nicknames, so generally you only start using them if A) you’re that horrible person who is too friendly with everyone straight off the bat, or B) you’ve clarified over a period of time – say, after a few weeks of dating – that they like said nickname.

We think it’s option B.

HEY "SOPH". Image: Ten.

Their "first kiss"

Again, we're saying this in quotation marks for the same reason as above. Humour us, OK? Sophie and Stu's first kiss on the show was different to all the others - it was really awkward for us to watch because it had all the hallmarks of a kiss between two people who have definitely kissed before.

He kept talking. They were laughing while their lips were touching. One of them did one of those weird half burp half stomach gurgle noises, which if you were kissing someone for the first time would be MORTIFYING, but neither of them seemed to care all that much.

When you latch onto his face because he WON'T STOP TALKING. Image: Ten.

Their first Instagram photos

Again, the fact these two didn't post a cute, no makeup, lovey dovey Instagram post once the finale finished is just further evidence to support this theory.


It just isn't.

Their first radio and TV appearances

Following on from the same theory as above, Sophie and Stu's first media appearances after the finale seem a lot less sinister than we first thought.

When Meshel Laurie asked Sophie point blank if her and Stu are really together, she said 'Well... yeah". At the time, it came across as quite strange in comparison to the gushy post-show declarations of love we've seen from past couples like Sam and Snez, Matty and Laura... even Richie and Alex, RIP.

But if you watch it again assuming they've been dating for a while, you can understand why it'd be hard to not take the piss when asked that question.

The list goes on... and on.

This explains why the mansion was full of so many young and entertaining, yet semi-dud contestants. AND why there were even intruders in Sophie's season at all, considering there were none in Matty's season of The Bachelor.

In closing, we admit that really, the whole time we were comparing oranges to apples. All those other Bachelor couples who appeared to be in the blissful honeymoon stage post-show were actually in the honeymoon stage. But not Stu and Sophie. IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

We rest our case. Well, Kerri's case.

Here's hoping Kerri is looking at pursuing a career as a  private investigator because there's a bunch of other things, like Trump and the dual-citizenship debacle we could really use some help with.

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