Sophie Monk has "spoiled the winner of The Bachelorette" and it's only week one. For SHAME.

We’re barely past the first week of Sophie Monk’s time as the Bachelorette, and already the whole thing has been ruined.

Ruined, you guys. RUINED.

Because with one Instagram comment, the 37-year-old may have just let slip which of the remaining 15 lads runs off with her heart. Well… maybe.

Sharing a selfie with her 251,000 followers, Sophie wrote that her besties forced to get her ready for a fancy dinner because she is “hopeless” and “wanted to wear ugg boots”.


Ugg boots. Like the two pairs Sophie was gifted in just two episodes by two different men.

Dun dun dunnnnnnnn!

We’re no scientists, but according to our calculations, this obviously means that either Blake and Jared will be the final man standing.

There’s no other explanation for Sophie writing such a cryptic comment.

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(Note: there are plenty of other reasons for the comment, like perhaps Sophie just really, really likes ugg boots?)

Fans were quick to pick up on the mention of the Bachelorette’s favourite fluffy footwear.

“Is that a hint that your bestie gave you your ugg boots?” asked one fan.

blake jarrod bachelorette
Definitely, maybe, your final two. Image via Channel 10.

"Pls don't say your mentioning uggs because your with Jarryd (sic)," wrote another.

The ugg boots were a source of ~much drama~ between the blokes this week, with Blake accusing Jared of "copying" his idea of gifting a pair to Sophie.

"I'm not too sure what card he's trying to play," Blake said of Jared's ugg boot gift.

"I've just had enough of his crap. I'm pretty pissed off with Jared. I can't believe he just copied the exact same idea of giving Sophie ugg boots."

(Friendly reminder that these are two grown men. Fighting about ugg boots.)

Whether Sophie's latest post was a spoiler or not, we'll still be tuning in to see the most bogan Bachelorette yet find sweet, sweet love.