Sophie Monk says she was propositioned for a sex tape.

Sophie Monk was propositioned by another famous actor to make a sex tape, she says.

Speaking on KIIS FM program, The Thinkergirls, last week, 36-year-old Monk said that his suggestion came from a bid to make some money.

“Someone asked me – a celebrity – and was like let’s do this and split it,” the former Popstars contestant said.

Sophie Monk. Source: Instagram.

"I think they thought it would make $20 million all up," she continued, saying that like most reasonable people being propositioned for financially beneficial sex out of the blue, that she was "so offended".

"The fact that they think I’d do it for the money… it’s kind of prostitution-ish".

And look, there's nothing wrong with making money from sex, but if it's not your chosen profession, chances are people will be less than thrilled with a tactless proposition from someone they're not in a relationship with.

Source: Instagram.

During the interview, Monk also told the program that while living in LA she'd been asked to go on a date with a man for $10,000. He had, according to Monk, been wanting to boost his profile.

"I was like, nope," Monk said, "Nope. Again, I'm offended."

Following the appearance last week, Monk is set to return to the KIIS FM studios at the end of the month to take up hosting duties for breakfast show The Fling, alongside radio star Matty Acton.

The announcement comes following the duo hosting the summer version of the show during the break period of December and January.

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