Sophie Monk shares honest advice after she was hurt by cheating boyfriend.

Everyone, your attention please: Bachelorette star and all-round queen Sophie Monk has shared her thoughts about cheating on Mamamia Live. This is important.

“I love how I’ve become Dr Phil,” the 37-year-old quipped.

Hehehe. But seriously.

When asked if she believes in the saying ‘Once a cheater, always a cheater’, Monk – in the brutally honest way we know and love – says simply: Yes.

“If you’ve got that in you to let someone down, you haven’t got that guilt button do you?”

She says she has tried to continue a relationship with a man who’s cheated in the past, but staying in a situation like that is never going to work out.

“It’ll never work, trust will never be there and you’ll just be insecure,” Monk says.

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As for the ‘signs’ someone’s cheating, Monk says women need to trust their instincts.

“You can feel it, intuition. You just know. You know something’s up and you’ve got to trust it. I ignored it a lot but I shouldn’t have,” she says.

Back in 2010, Monk said she broke up with plastic surgeon John Diaz after finding him in bed with another woman.

“You know red flags but I feel like with friends, women act on it but with relationships, we ignore it on purpose,” Monk tells Mamamia.

“If you have this gut feeling that something’s wrong, go with it. It’s a woman’s intuition.”

There you have it. Sophie Monk: Australia’s answer to Dr Phil.