Sophie Monk's question ended an interview with Jennifer Lawrence.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Do not ask super dooper celebs about their sex lives while on air. I repeat, do not ask super dooper celebs about their sex lives while on air.

If you do, you might just endure the painful moments that KIIS FM’s Sophie Monk and Matty Acton did on Thursday morning.

You see, mid-interview with ‘Passengers’ stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, host Monk asked a wayward question that prompted the actors’ management crew to abruptly end the call.

“What’s the most adventurous place you have had sex?” a very curious Monk probed.

After a couple of awkward answers (Chris once did it on a plane, Jen likes to do the dirty in the comfort of her home), a third voice sounded over the phone, saying simply: “thanks guys.”

Awwwwwkward. (Images: Instagram/Getty)

The perplexed hosts sat in silence, before letting out a baffled "Hello?" across the airwaves.

"We have already wrapped you, sorry," the manager replied coolly.

"Can we say goodbye for our audio or are they gone?" Acton asked.

"They are already gone."

ICE. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD! That's the Hollywood treatment for ya.

When Acton blamed Monk for the incident with a pointed "What did you DO?", the 37-year-old model and singer explained: "We ran out of time and I wasted the time on stupid questions. I just asked interesting questions! That’s all I did.

"I just wanted the good stuff. Who wants to know boring things?"

Well... she does have a point.

Do you think Sophie Monk's question crossed the line, or were the celebrities being a tad prudish?