Sophie Monk is alive and well(ish).


Everyone relax.

Sophie Monk lived.

The 2 Day FM radio host pulled a Violet Beauregarde (that’s a Willy Wonka swelling-up-like-a-blueberry reference. Duh) on holiday in Dubai last week, when her ankle mysteriously swelled up to “look like an elephant”.

But fortunately, she has shown us on Instagram (so it MUST be true and accurate) that she is a-ok. She spent a night in the Dubai hospital and was diagnosed with a severe allergy, which inflamed some scar tissue in her foot.



PHEW. That shit looked nasty.

As Mamamia reported:

The 2 Day FM radio host has had to prolong her stay because her ankle has swollen up “like an elephant”.

Her co-hosts Jules Lund and Merrick Watts called her on air expecting to laugh at her situation, but it took a sad turn when she broke into tears (listen to that 2 Day FM audio clip here).

“This is the worst holiday of my life… It looks like an elephant. I’ve got to be honest, my knee is smaller than my ankle.”

Her mysterious cankle was expected to be a Deep Vein Thrombosis at first, but now the doctors are stumped (no pun intended). “They don’t know and now I’ve got a rash on my hands as well… Honestly, I don’t know what to do.” said Monk, who has been told she is unable to fly.



Sophie is expected home next week.

All the pictures of her Dubai holiday/disaster:


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