Sophie Monk was forced to sleep in her car while she was trying to make it in Hollywood.

When Sophie Monk decided to move to Hollywood in 2005 to pursue a film career, she had no idea how she was going to make it work. 

She knew next to no one, she didn’t have a job lined up and she had nowhere to live.

But, like most Australians – she decided that she was going to work her guts out to achieve her dream.

Listen: Sophie Monk talks all things Hollywood with Mia Freedman on the latest episode of No Filter:

“There were times where I just slept in my car – but I worked really hard” Monk told Mia Freedman on the latest episode of the No Filter podcast.

“I wanted to challenge myself and travel.”

“I went to an agent – but because of what I’d done in the past they picked me up and said ‘let’s see what we can do” – luckily the first film she booked, she got the part.

Sophie Monk in one of her first roles in Date Movie

But it wasn’t always sunshine and roses.

“I was rejected three times a day for ten years," she told Mia Freedman.

“They’d say - no you’re too skinny - no you’re too fat - no you’re too blonde - so all the time you are being scrutinised.”

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“And I think after awhile it gets you down. But I just think - I’m only good at one thing, entertaining. I’ve never been good at anything else at school - and I love doing it - so I was on a mission to just kind of do what I like doing.”

Sophie’s work paid off, she ended up shooting 15 films in LA. However, ultimately she decided to come home.

“It’s like high school over there,” she said.

“We all try and pretend to be something on social media - like no one is ever going to post ‘I'm depressed today’ you know everyone just tries and be something on social media and it’s not real life - so I try and be as honest as I can.”

“People appreciate it- and that’s what I found liberating when I came back to Australia - I was just me.”

Soph, we wouldn’t have you any other way.