Sophie Monk shares her new hair. And way too much info about her personal hygiene.

Image: Instagram (@sophiemonk).

It’s almost rare for anyone (celebrity or otherwise) not to share a selfie after getting their hair done. After all, if it’s not on Instagram, did it really happen?

But while most just include a coy caption thanking their hairdresser, Sophie Monk has taken it one step further.

She’s not only chosen to share her new hair but also way more information about her personal hygiene than we were prepared for.

I change my hair more than my underwear.. I wish that wasn’t literal ha ha. My hair man@lusciousloxau nails it every time,” she wrote on Instagram.

Image: Instagram (@sophiemonk)

At a time when most celebs are reaching for the scissors, Monk is sporting long blonde hair extensions but it's her hygiene confession that's really caught our attention.

Someone alert this woman to the bank account-loving Big W underwear department, stat.

One look at the Celebrity Apprentice winner's Instagram feed and it's clear that she's no stranger to oversharing, with plenty of selfies from the dentist chair, on set and even one post-pap smear. Yep. (Post continues after gallery.)

Late last year during her stint on KIISS FM's Summer Fling, Monk also revealed that she has a single stubborn nipple hair she's lovingly named Trevor.

"We didn't like each other at first. You have to pluck him - he's on steroids for sure. We've been together for a long time... he's loyal as hell," she said.

Never change, Sophie, never change.

What do you think of Monk's longer hair?